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Workshops & Corporate Training

CMHA Toronto provides mental health workshops and trainings across Toronto to help people and organizations develop the skills they need to create and maintain safe living and working environments. By addressing the needs of our community, we can promote mental health and wellness for all.
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Mental Health For All

At CMHA Toronto, we take a client-first, recovery-oriented approach to supporting people and their families when they experience mental health challenges or live with mental illness. By integrating health and social care, we provide services that aid in long-term wellness.

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By integrating health and social care, we provide services that aid in long-term wellness including housing, employment, community connections and so much more. Our community-based programming means we can partner with clients to support all aspects of their wellbeing: mental, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual.
affordable and supportive housing units to keep people living with mental illness housed.
clinical clients participate in CMHA Toronto programs each year
clients benefit from CMHA Toronto Information and Decision Support services each year
of clients felt CMHA Toronto services helped them deal more effectively with life challenges

At CMHA Toronto, we celebrate the diversity that makes up Toronto's cultural fabric, and commit to serving all members of the community. Our doors are open to provide community-based mental health support to individuals and their families from all races, cultures, religions, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, abilities, and ages - at every stage of their mental health journey.

As a registered charity, CMHA Toronto relies on the support of our funders and donors to offer programs to those in need.

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CMHA Toronto volunteers play a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of our community.
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CMHA Toronto offers placements for students in social work, project management, paralegal, nursing, occupational therapy and more.
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Help create belonging and hope by contributing to CMHA Toronto and our leading community-based mental health work.
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CMHA Toronto is committed to equity, shared knowledge, advocacy and accountability at individual, organizational and systemic levels. We will provide effective mental health services that are accessible, meaningful and appropriate to diverse individuals and communities. CMHA Toronto opposes and acts against racism and other forms of discrimination, including those based on physical and mental disabilities, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious beliefs,
Youth soccer team
In 2016, with 25,000 people arriving in Canada fleeing the trauma of the Syrian civil war, CMHA Toronto expanded its Opening Doors Project to include a youth mentorship component. A more intensive approach to address newcomers’ mental health issues in the context of their resettlement was urgently needed.  “The youth mentorship program works “at the intersection of immigration, trauma, mental
After a hiatus during COVID-19, CMHA Toronto’s Extreme Cleaning and Hoarding Supports program is catching up with a backlog of cases on two fronts: those that were put on hold when the pandemic lockdowns started, and the demand that built up during COVID isolation that worsened the conditions driving the need in the first place. “We saw a large increase in
"I've been employed for two years now, and I've been well. I'm independent now. It's been amazing
When Anisa Carrascal was a psychiatric nurse working in hospitals, she saw the massive gap that existed between the highly-structured setting of a hospital and the community. “You’re discharging a patient from the hospital to nothing, truly nothing,” she said. Anisa envisioned a safer, gentler way to support people with complex mental health issues, preparing them and “holding them” as
CMHA welcomes historic investment in community mental health and addictions
The provincial government has allocated the largest base funding commitment for community mental health and addictions care in a decade as part of their 2023 budget.  The government announced Thursday that it is providing the sector with $425 million over three years for mental health and addictions, including a five per cent increase for base funding of community-based mental health

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