Our Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

April 2, 2023

CMHA Toronto is committed to equity, shared knowledge, advocacy and accountability at individual, organizational and systemic levels. We will provide effective mental health services that are accessible, meaningful and appropriate to diverse individuals and communities. CMHA Toronto opposes and acts against racism and other forms of discrimination, including those based on physical and mental disabilities, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and socio-economic status.

CMHA Toronto acknowledges the role that our organization and the mental health sector in general has played in perpetuating racism and discrimination. We acknowledge the historical role of the CMHA Federation in the eugenics movement.

We are actively working to better understand our racist and discriminatory beliefs and biases, and to reduce systemic barriers faced by groups including immigrants, refugees, people who are Racialized, Indigenous and/or 2SLGBTQ. We strive to engage a diversity of people as members, staff and volunteers, including Board members. We are also actively working in a process of reconciliation with the First Nations and First Peoples of the land on which we do our work.

CMHA Toronto acknowledges that a person’s mental health may be affected by discrimination, the social determinants of health, human services, and the justice system, and that these have disproportionate negative effects on Racialized and marginalized people. CMHA Toronto advocates for an equitable and inclusive health care system based on partnerships between clients, families and care providers that not only empower clients and families but respects their values and cultural beliefs. We strive to work in partnership with diverse communities to promote health, social equity, and full inclusion.

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